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Elexo Energy is redefining the electric vehicle industry with innovative energy storage solutions. We are seeking a highly skilled engineer to join our team and help us deliver excellence for electric mobility.




Full Time

What You'll Do

    As an Energy Storage Solutions Engineer at Elexo Energy, you will be responsible for designing and developing cutting-edge energy storage solutions for electric vehicles. You will work closely with our team of experts to bring new products to market and improve existing ones. Your responsibilities will include:
    - Conducting research and development of new energy storage solutions - Collaborating with other engineers and designers to create innovative products - Testing and validating new energy storage solutions to ensure quality and reliability - Analyzing data and performance metrics to improve products and processes

Who You Are

    We are looking for a talented engineer with a passion for clean energy and electric mobility. The ideal candidate will have:
    - A degree in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, or related field - Experience in energy storage systems, batteries, and/or electric vehicles - Strong analytical and problem-solving skills - Excellent communication and teamwork abilities
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