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Join our Team as a Data Scientist

At Elexo Energy, we are constantly pushing the boundaries of energy storage solutions. We are looking for a passionate data scientist to join our team in revolutionizing the electric mobility industry. If you are interested in making a difference and taking your career to the next level, we encourage you to apply.



Employment Type


What You'll Do

    As a data scientist at Elexo Energy, you will work closely with our team of engineers and product managers to develop and implement machine learning models and algorithms to improve the performance of our energy storage solutions. You will also be responsible for analyzing and interpreting complex data sets, and presenting your findings to the team.
    In addition, you will have the opportunity to collaborate with external partners and customers to understand their data needs, and develop custom solutions to meet their requirements. Your work will be crucial in driving innovation in the electric mobility industry, and helping us to achieve our mission of delivering excellence for electric mobility.

Who You Are

    We are looking for a candidate with a strong background in data science, machine learning, and statistical analysis. You should have experience working with large and complex data sets, and be proficient in programming languages such as Python and R. A PhD or Master's degree in a relevant field is preferred.
    In addition to technical skills, we are looking for someone who is a self-starter, and is able to work independently and collaboratively in a fast-paced environment. You should have excellent communication skills, and be able to present complex data in a clear and concise manner. If you are passionate about energy storage solutions, and are looking for a challenging and rewarding role, we encourage you to apply.
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